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Doc.It® Announces the Release of Doc.It® Suite 3.0

Doc.It®, a leading provider of a complete document and workflow management technology, proudly announces the release of Doc.It® Suite 3.0, which includes a dynamic new user interface and PDF Editor.  This release represents Doc.It’s most significant enhancement since the introduction of the Doc.It® Suite of technology into the accounting professional marketplace in 2001.

The dynamic and progressive new user interface is sure to gain the immediate attention of the existing user community. “Instantly our users will notice the entire suite of products has been consolidated into one interface, including document management, Workflow and the Web portal, presenting a more intuitive and efficient way to work within the Doc.It® Suite,” said Howard Brown, President & CTO of Doc.It®.

The most significant feature enhancement in Doc.It® Suite 3.0 is the new Doc.It® PDF Editor. “Our PDF Editor functions as a direct replacement for Adobe Acrobat Standard. In addition to all of the important features that Adobe Acrobat provided, we have added highly desirable user functions and annotation capabilities required by the accounting industry,” continued Brown. Another notable addition is the new Doc.It® PDF Composer, which facilitates easy composition of new PDFs from multiple existing PDFs through a highly efficient drag-and-drop interface.

Along with many outstanding enhancements, all components of Doc.It® Suite Version 2.7 have been fully integrated into this release. Doc.It® Suite 3.0 includes these features:

***NEW***Doc.It® PDF Editor – Intuitively designed for accountants, this feature replaces the Adobe Acrobat Standard Editor.

***NEW***Doc.It® PDF Composer – A multi-document PDF program used to create new PDFs from existing PDFs.

Doc-It® Scan + OCR – A highly comprehensive scanning and document recognition feature with integrated high-speed OCR for most scanners.

Doc.It® AFR – Advanced Forms Recognition for tax forms or any other document type work in conjunction with Doc-It® Scan.

Doc.It® PDF Printer – Fully Adobe compatible printer driver for converting any document to PDF format.

Doc.It® Binder – Integrated folder based document manager to manage all work-in-process documents.

Doc.It® Archive – A secure folder-based PDF archive provides the final ‘published’ version of any engagement.

Doc.It® Workflow Manager –The most advanced workflow software in the industry, including the Smart Scheduler feature that streamlines task management through the auto-assignment of staff to specific tasks based on real-world parameters.

Doc.It® Client Portal – Bi-directional Web portal for online collaboration with clients.

About Doc.It®

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