News Update

Appointment to the Canada Revenue Board of Management

The Honourable Gordon O'Connor, Minister of National Revenue announced the appointment of Mr. Norman Halldorson to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Board of Management. Mr. Halldorson was nominated by the Province of Saskatchewan.

"Mr. Halldorson's wealth of experience as a chartered accountant, particularly his years as a partner in the areas of taxation and client service with KPMG Enterprise, will contribute to the Board's role within the Canada Revenue Agency," said Minister O'Connor. "I am confident that Mr. Halldorson's membership will be beneficial to the contributions of the Board to the CRA in the years to come."

The Act to establish the CRA specifies the establishment of a Board of Management. The Board comprises 15 members, including the Chair, the Commissioner of the CRA, 11 directors nominated by the provinces and territories, and two directors nominated by the federal government. All members are appointed by the Governor in Council.

The Act requires that each director nominated by a province or a territory must be selected by the Governor in Council from a list of nominees submitted by the minister responsible for revenue administration in the province or the territory, or by another minister that the province or the territory designates.